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The Benefits of Strategic Space Planning

Whether you are looking for new office space, considering redesigning your existing space, or expanding into a much larger space, you need a solution that will work both now and into the future. TDA’s strategic space planning services will provide you with a detailed plan designed to fit your company’s needs during the short-, medium- and long-term. Using TDA’s proprietary process, we’ll gain a thorough understanding of who you are, what you do, what your company culture is about, how your company interacts with clients and customers and what type of solution works best for you. Once we have created your customized plan, you’ll be more than prepared to meet the challenges of the future. Most importantly, you will have a step by step blueprint for your company’s next exceptional work environment.

What’s Included in our Strategic Space Planning Services

When you engage TDA, you get far more than just a simple design for an office space: our highly talented team will create a workspace that fits your exact requirements and budget. To achieve the best results, we interview employees, customers and other stakeholders including prospective landlords. Our extensive research process will:

  • Provide information on the facility or facilities under consideration
  • Identify immediate and future space requirements
  • Compare all options
  • Make recommendations
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