In 45 Years, We Know How to Do It Right

The Design Associates believes there are many challenging aspects to projects when affected by change, relocation, renovation, adapting to new markets, growth and contraction.

Over 45 years, we have become one of the foremost office planners, designers and change management experts in the industry.

Since 1971 our award-winning team has mitigated the risks of change in redeveloping, refurbishing, renovating and relocating office space for over 3,800 successful projects.

We know how professional service, high tech, corporations and not-for-profit agencies can spend less money and become more efficient, with greater functionality and better aesthetics.

We provide the necessary hands-on support and guidance to solve business challenges and ensure projects are completed, on time and on budget.

Your Organization: A Period of Change

Your organization may be in a period of change:

  • Are you expanding, relocating or consolidating your office?
  • Do you need to update or finish areas of your existing space?
  • Do you need to increase staff density to reduce your capital cost?
  • Do you need to repurpose your square footage?
  • Are you tasked with developing a modern, signature space?
  • Is it time to add or upgrade technological functionality in public areas and offices?
  • Are you reconsidering your physical assets and fixtures to meet new office standards?
  • Do you want to increase your office population density?
  • Are you considering rebranding or refreshing your corporate look?
  • Are you losing staff to your competitor?
  • Do you want to start a program or do you have required upgrades for your public areas, offices, furniture or fixtures?

We have the depth, experience and results to help organizations and corporations of all sizes, from any industry with a ‘one-stop’ process-driven, transparent project management strategy from concept to completion.


Change Management ExpertsBoardroom

Change Management Experts

We facilitate major changes in the workplace and we know:

  • A well-designed space will reflect and enhance your organization’s unique personality, brand and values.
  • A high-functioning space will attract, retain and engage your employees and be conducive to greater collaboration.
  • An adaptive space will lead to new efficiencies and allow your entire organization to evolve and become more competitive.

As organizations and corporations grow, technologies change and workspaces evolve. Our team is dedicated in providing only the highest quality of planning and design solutions.

Our project management services ensure your unique requirements are satisfied through ongoing time, cost and content reviews, revisions and approvals.

Once the project is delivered, your organization stands to meet its objectives to:

  • Successfully bring your culture to life
  • Provide individuals with places to do their best work
  • Create an inviting, modern, vibrant and spacious open design
  • Improve atmosphere, energy and workflow
  • Cultivate an engaged, excited corporate culture
  • Generate a sense of community with happy employees
  • Benefit from a flexible, adaptable and sustainable workspace
  • Literally break down existing physical barriers to collaboration
  • Integrate new technologies and tools for greater efficiencies and productivity
  • Encourage, and improve employee relationships within the office by increasing transparency
  • Do more with less (on budget, on schedule)
  • Efficient qualitative office space

We are convinced that your employees and management will both adapt to and thrive in the type of workspace you envision and The Design Associates deliver.

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