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What Sets our Furniture Selection and Procurement Apart

TDA specializes in the art and science of selecting and purchasing furniture, fixtures and equipment for a new office environment. We begin with a detailed plan, including a review of a client’s current assets. Our goal is to reuse furniture where practical and to source new furniture when needed. We select new furniture, fixtures and equipment based on the specific needs of your business as identified earlier in the design phase of the project. We’ll prepare and send proposals to vendors searching for a proposal that matches your budget. We have over 45 years of experience selecting and purchasing furniture, fixtures and equipment for spaces such as meeting rooms, private offices, open plan offices, business lounges, breakout areas, receptions, waiting areas, flexible interiors, kitchens and more.

What’s Included in our Furniture Selection + Procurement Services

  • Assessment of current furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Preparation of detailed inventory lists
  • Recommendations on the reuse, co-mingling or procurement new furniture
  • Inspection and tagging of existing furniture
  • Coordination of the procurement of new furniture with move and design schedules
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